CD compilation SYNTH SLOVAKIA Vol.2

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Synth Slovakia and Culture Point labels have just released a new compilation CD titled "Synth Slovakia Vol. 2" full of synth music produced in Slovakia. It features 18 tracks from 18 various artists of electronic music with styles oscillating in the areas of synthpop, synthwave, ambient, EBM, electro and darkwave. Eight Chances, Adrián Ulík, 580 Miles, Eclipsed, Gladia Moony, Lightune, Grawlix, ImiAFan, bisTroš, Havran228, IAmNøt, MFLS feat. Milan Monte Bartalský, Montage, Love My Science, The Silence, The Opposer Divine, The Roben, CHEBEAFF feat. Key Head feat. Solo.

Both CD and digital versions were released on December 20, 2020 and are available via Bandcamp. https://synthslovakia.bandcamp.com/album/synth-slovakia-vol-2-compilation-2020

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